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In short, what we can do for you!

Welcome to the world of expertise and experience of EA Pro in Nantes in the Loire region of France! We have four objectives to support your communication:

1- Give you or strengthen your reputation in Africa, the Middle East and French-speaking Europe, plus Quebec. Our database of over 3,000 media outlets and journalists will be a unique performance tool for you! 79 countries will open the doors of their media to you.

2- Helping you to communicate better through writing by drafting or redrafting your texts, correcting or translating them to get your message across and optimise your content.

3- In hotel industry, supporting your teams in acquiring perfect "savoir-être" skills, the very essence of corporate communication, through appropriate, cutting-edge training. To help you understand what's going on in your establishment, a mystery visitor can "experience your hotel" and give you a full report.

In press relations, our references are numerous and international. Our clients include some of the biggest international groups, international advertising agencies, tourism brands, international organisations and NGOs. 

You can also see some examples of our copywriting work.

Training references are always available here.

Last but not least, our consultants, who are also present in Africa, are an excellent way of ensuring that our assignments are a success! We speak French, English and Arabic.

To download the Press Relations brochure, it is here!

To download the Training brochure, it's here!

To download the Audits brochure, it's  here too!

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