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What is press relations?

Press relations are an essential part of public relations, which can be defined as a set of communication techniques that aim to develop and radiate a relationship of trust, esteem and support between a company, an organization, a brand and its different audiences.

Thirty years of expertise and experience

Éric Alauzen, the founder of EA Pro Nantes, has thirty years of experience in public and press relations all over the world, with particular knowledge of Africa and the Middle East, particularly in Tunisia where our Arabic-speaking teams are based. He was able to transmit this knowledge of the field to all his team and network of consultants.

EA Pro Nantes : relations presse - base de données Média internationaux

Our areas of intervention

  • Dissemination of press releases or other documents in Africa, the Middle East and French-speaking countries, with compilation of a press review bringing together press coverage and podcasts.

  • Obtaining interviews and articles (TV, Radio, Print and Web) including preparation of interviews with the journalist and the interviewee, to give you exposure

  • Organization of press conferences or press briefings​

  • Organization of trips or press visits

  • Writing , proofreading, correction, translation of documents related to PR (press releases, kits, articles)

  • Optional media-coaching session before each speech

EA Pro Nantes : relations presse - organisation d'évènements, communiqués de presse, rédaction d'articles

Our tools

  • High-performance Media databases , updated every thirty days, concerning 79 countries (Africa, Middle East, French-speaking Europe + Quebec) including not only TV, Radio, Print and Web media, but also national press agencies and international, pan-African, pan-Arab or pan-European news sites.​

  • Subscriptions to professional sites that measure the traffic and performance of the media sites we recommend for the distribution of your press releases

  • Country cards (79) giving you a wealth of information on media landscapes, internet penetration, press freedom index, the most successful types of media, etc.

  • An application allowing us to quickly track your press coverage using key words/phrases on websites, but also on social networks.

  • In our press reviews , we also show you your publications shared on social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

EA Pro Nantes : relations presse - nos atouts et nos spécificités
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