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EA Pro Nantes, in the person of its founder, Eric Alauzen, is pleased to confirm its membership of SYNAP, the National Union of Media Relations Professionals. SYNAP's mission is to defend and promote the professions - and those who practise them - of Press Relations, Media Relations and Public Relations. It has been representing them since 1960 in dealings with official bodies and the main players in the sector.

Thalassa Hotels, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

We are delighted to be managing the press section at the Salon des Thermalies in Paris from 25 to 28 January. We will be present on the Royal Elyssa Thalasso & Spa stand and will be delighted to welcome the journalists and media who are always very present on the Tunisian site  at Thermalies (stands E19-E21).).

Thalassa Hotels, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

As part of our long-standing PR collaboration with the Thalassa Hotels Group, we are delighted to be producing the new Royal Elyssa Thalasso & Spa press kit for 2024. This document will be available to the international press to help them get to know this magnificent wellness product and to present the new spa that will open in the spring.


Eco-domaine de la Fontaine aux Bretons, in Pornic (Loire Atlantique, France), has entrusted us with the training of its customer-facing staff in hotel management skills (all departments). Eco-domaine is both a 4-star hotel and a 3-star residence. We would like to thank the hotel's management for their confidence.


Thanks to the quality of our media network in Africa and France, the World Kickboxing Network (WKN), in the person of its representative in Tunisia, has entrusted us with the press relations for the World Muay Thai Championships, which will take place in Tunisia on 25th November. This remote mission will allow us to draw media attention to this world championship and to invite foreign journalists to the event.

Thalassa Hotels, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

Our client Thalassa Hotels in Tunisia has contracted our firm for a three-month period - June, July, August 2023 - to run "savoir-être" training sessions with customer-facing staff and manage communications for the group (three hotels) during the high season.

Thalassa Hotels, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

A press release relating the obtaining of several quality certifications, given by the international Crystal Group to the Royal Thalassa Monastir (Thalassa Hotels) will be disseminated in April to all the Tunisian press, and the major international French-speaking European tourist media.

L'Académie Nationale de Cuisine, Tunisie, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

The National Academy of Cuisine has asked us to write and distribute a press release to the attention of the Tunisian and French media to report on the many actions that have been launched in 2022, early 2023, both CSR actions and professional initiatives. This action was carried out on a voluntary basis.

AGRAKAL Editions, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

The publishing house Agrakal Editions, specialist in detective literature, asked us to redo the entire graphic charter of their communication elements as well as contribute to the republication of two detective novels, in particular a new cover for each book, and the correction of the texts of two novels. EA Pro Nantes has also renewed its distribution contract for French-speaking Europe, French-speaking Africa and Quebec.

Thalassa Hotels, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

Our client Thalassa Hotels has commissioned us to write the texts for the Group's two new websites: one portal dedicated to all the activities and entities of Thalassa Hotels and the second specifically designed to showcase the thalasso, spa, sports and hairdressing activities of Royal Elyssa Thalasso & Spa. Assistance to the Community Management Department is also planned.

Thalassa Hotels, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

Our client Thalassa Hotels entrusted EA Pro Nantes with the accompaniment of two press trips whose media were recommended by the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT) of Belgium: a first composed of Belgian bloggers and the second composed of women's and news sites and newspapers. Identical programs combining discovery of Tunisian gastronomy, nights in Spa Suite and pleasures of a thalasso morning at the Royal Elyssa Thalasso & Spa.

Laboratoires Merck, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

Our client Laboratoires Merck Tunisie (via Merck Egypt) entrusted us with the distribution of a press release aimed at the African media in order to highlight Africa Health Exon or how to make Africa the continental hub of innovation and value creation in the health sector. This press release was distributed in free PR mode and in paid mode on certain pan-African websites.

EA Pro Nantes, partenaire du Sommet de la Francophonie, Djerba Tunisie, Novembre 2022

Our firm, under the aegis of the ADCOM agency, in charge of the communication for the 18th Francophonie Summit which will take place in Djerba, Tunisia, on 19 and 20 November, will be in charge of international press relations for this important event of the Francophonie which will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF). We would like to thank ADCOM, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tunis and the OIF in Paris for their trust

Bukhatir Group, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

Our firm is conducting the international press relations campaign for our client Bukhatir Group in Sharjah (UAE) and in Tunis this month. Visit our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube pages to follow the different press coverage. This campaign covered the entire MEA. Thanks to our colleagues from Africanews for this video!

Bocuse d'Or, partenaire de EA Pro Nantes

Our firm is very pleased to announce its PR collaboration with the Tunisian Bocuse d'Or 2022 Team to support the press relations of the Tunisian team which will defend the colours of its flag during the African selections next May, in Agadir, Morocco. This mission will consist in informing the Tunisian and international public of the stages of the preparation of the Tunisian Team for Agadir, to present the team and to motivate national and international companies to financially support the Tunisian Team Bocuse d'Or 2022. This action was carried out on a voluntary basis.

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