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An audit, whether announced or mystery, is the best way to prepare a relevant and effective training plan. Once the weaknesses have been identified, it is easy for the trainer to place particular emphasis on these shortcomings during the session and to guide the modules.

Mystery visits are still a very effective way of finding out what customers think of a company. Unlike customer opinions on specialised websites, which can be subjective or vindictive, the perceptions of the mystery shopper are devoid of any subjectivity and reflect, in a neutral and professional way, the real state of the company's quality of service, in terms of both know-how and interpersonal skills.

With his experience of communication in the hotel industry, his extensive travels and his training and mystery-shopping experiences, both in the hotel industry and in aviation, founder Eric Alauzen, still driven by his passion for excellence in communication, has chosen to limit himself to the hotel industry in the firm's Training and Audits department, in order to share his experience and expertise with his clients. 

For Eric, interpersonal skills are more important than know-how, even though they are essential, as they are the key to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it is important that all hotel teams who are in contact with customers are made aware of these skills, which they must radiate everywhere and at all times.

Our firm offers two types of mystery audit (see brochures below):

 Mystery visit (3 days) in a hotel 
 Mystery flight in an airline

Of course, these two visits are only examples. We know that your expectations may differ depending on the size of your establishment, the airline route, the frequency of visits or the purpose of the visit. We will be happy to discuss these with you.

EA Pro Nantes : audits pré-formation annoncés ou visites-mystères hôtels et compagnies aériennes
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