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Since our creation in 2013, the aim of EA Pro Nantes has been to help our clients communicate more effectively.

Firstly, through their public and press relations and the quality of their drafting of internal and external documents, but also through the perfect interpersonal skills of their staff in the hospitality sector.

A difficult context for the world of hotel industry

Since the Covid crisis, the hotel industry has become less attractive to workers. Hoteliers are faced with hiring problems and, in order to maintain their operations, are obliged to recruit much less well-trained staff.

Ongoing training, which is always motivating for staff, makes perfect sense, as it can significantly improve the skills and productivity of teams, while making it easier to adapt to the many different professional situations that a hotel can present.

Our various training modules in hotel management skills will enable hoteliers to offer a better service to their customers.

But what does "savoir-être" in the hotel industry mean?

People skills are the keystone of any memorable customer experience that builds loyalty. Hotel staff not only have to prove their technical expertise (know-how) to their customers, but also their warm personality and commitment to offering exceptional service.

For example, a chambermaid can clean every corner of the room perfectly, but if she comes across a guest in the room or in the corridor and doesn't greet them, doesn't give them the slightest hint of a smile or doesn't know how to answer their question, how will the guest feel? We'll leave the answer to you. 
As you know, "savoir-être" skills are the key to transforming your customers' ordinary experiences into extraordinary moments.

It's the key to build customer loyalty. Clients remember the human element more than the technical!

What do customers like in our staff?

  - Friendliness and politeness
  - Patience
  - Discretion
  - Rigour
  - Active listening and consideration of their expectations, particularly in the event of a complaint
  - Relevant and appropriate behaviour
  - Exemplary language, both live and on the telephone
  - Careful dress and body language

Our trainer will instil all these qualities, and many more, in your teams, so that your customers enjoy these
extraordinary experiences. Satisfied, they will want to spread these positive memories around them and will undoubtedly return to your establishment. 

In conclusion, "savoir-être" skills in the hotel industry are a set of skills that enable hotel staff to provide a quality service to their customers by exceeding their expectations.

Let's aim for excellence together, so that through their "savoir-être" skills, your staff become ambassadors for your establishment and key drivers of customer loyalty!

What are our objectives for training in hotel interpersonal skills?

  - To make staff in contact with customers aware of the importance of interpersonal skills
  - Implement interpersonal skills at all times when dealing with customers in all departments of the hotel
  - Integrate excellence in customer relations

Our underlying aim is to achieve a perfect balance between your teams' know-how and interpersonal skills, the two sides of the same coin - success.

Our unique trainer, founder of the Cabinet

The international career of Éric ALAUZEN, founder of EA Pro Nantes and a unique trainer in hotel interpersonal skills, has always combined communication and training, with extensive experience in the hotel industry, in positions as Director of Communication or Training for hotel groups.

An inquisitive traveller, Eric has been developing and updating these modules on interpersonal skills in the hotel industry for many years, based on his own observations. He has successfully run these courses in Tunisia, Uganda and Egypt, as well as in the UK and France.

He has also given conferences on professional "svoir-être" written articles on the subject in professional journals and, at the start of his career, was a teacher of know-how at two hotel training institutes.

 To find out more

Please find below our six training modules. Simply click on the image to download the brochure for your chosen training module.

For more details, and to receive the module sheet, please contact Eric, who is both a pedagogical referent and a trainer:

  - by telephone on 33 7 88 45 30 03  les clients en angalis
  - by e-mail at


During three days of theoretical and practical training lasting 24 hours, enhanced by role-playing, your teams in contact with customers will learn or relearn the importance of their behaviour and attitudes towards their customers. By the end of the course, they will be convinced that every moment of customer contact must be characterised by perfect "savoir-être" skills, in all circumstances, and they will become true ambassadors for your hotel business.


Catering is a multi-faceted business: it encompasses your restaurants, bars and room service. It is vital that all your teams demonstrate exemplary "savoir-être" skills, from the moment a reservation is taken (table/room-service) and in the many situations (customer moments are long in the restaurant business) they are confronted with, including on the telephone and during complaints. Training in restaurant "savoir-être" skills will enable them to meet and exceed all your customers' expectations, and win their loyalty.

The job of security guard is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive in the hotel industry. Responsible for ensuring the safety of the hotel (property and guests), they must apply strict instructions that must be understood and accepted by the guest. To do this, security staff need to be well-versed in their "savoir-être" skills, especially when dealing with aggressive people or extraordinary situations (theft from a room, brawls between guests, etc.). Diplomacy but firmness, respect for instructions but openness to dialogue, self-control - the training, which is very comprehensive, will cover all the possible situations that hotel security staff may have to deal with.


The reception area is always the living image of your customers' first and last impressions. It's a good idea to take care of this image by ensuring that your staff have all the qualities they need to make every moment with them perfect, because knowledge and know-how alone are not enough to win your customers' loyalty. From the first word at check-in to the last at check-out, excellence is the key to customer loyalty!


Even if it is less in the spotlight, floor service is still of absolute importance in terms of how your hotel is perceived by your customers. In addition to the know-how and quality of cleaning, the "savoir-être" skills of your floor staff are essential. After all, they are the only hotel staff who have access to your guests' private areas (bedrooms and bathrooms). "Savoir-être" on the floors also means knowing how to enter a room, behave in a corridor, manage a trolley and respond to a complaint.


If your hotel offers its customers a spa (or thalassotherapy centre), it's obvious that you need to pay attention not only to the technical know-how of its teams, but also to their "savoir-être" skills in a context where the customer, in search of letting go, only wants well-being and cocooning. First of all, at the customer reception desk, then in the treatment room, the behaviour of the receptionist/practitioner must reflect all the qualities of exemplary i"savoir-être" skills, distilling discretion, a sense of service and empathy to ensure that the customer has a memorable spa experience.

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